how to replace tongue and groove boards on exterior porch

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From the wall, measure one board-width and snap a chalk-line. Lock the boards into place, then face-nail the first row of boards, then use a pneumatic flooring nailer to nail each nail into the tongue of the board.

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Rotten porch board are a big issue with historic homes. In the video we will show techniques to replace tongue and groove porch boards both in the middle an...

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In order to get your damaged board removed, you are going to need to get the edge of your chisel set up along the edge of the board. Tap inward on the edge and move it towards the middle cut out with a hammer. Get the edges of this board knocked inward on either side with your tongue and groove fittings of each of the adjacent boards.

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Apply the Tongue and Grove Porch Flooring Using your tape measure, measure the width of one board and apply a chalk line. Now you will need to lock the boards in. Nail in the boards one by one. Be careful that you are spacing the floor boards evenly.

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The trick to installing a tongue and groove porch floor is getting the boards pressed very tightly together before nailing them down. A scrap of the tongue and groove material makes a handy tap block so you don’t damage the edges of the boards.

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Damaged board paneling reacts well to a variety of techniques for repairing minor scratches and slashes, dents, and even deep gouges. But if the damaged paneling is too severe, you may want to replace one or more of the damaged Tongue-and-Groove boards. Be sure to carefully match any new paneling and its finish with neighboring boards.

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With a color like this, it is possible for the tongue and groove boards, if it is from wood, to undergo a painting process before the installation. The second is that the white tone is suitable for the porch color scheme.

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For this repair project we milled interlocking tongue-and-groove boards from treated lumber to replace the original rotted porch boards. I decided to replace the entire side of porch flooring with the exception of a roughly 4-ft. span that I could tell was the original porch flooring from when the house was built in 1880.

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To help secure the boards so they don’t lift, nail through them into the joists (the framing under the floor). Use galvanized-finish nails, which have small heads. Use a nail set with a hammer to...

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I have to replace the decking on two tongue and groove porches (110 sq. ft. each) because whatever wood was used (the cheapest possible), several of the boards have buckled. The joists have been inspected and, aside from the peeling paint, they’re sound.

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Position the pneumatic gun at the back edge of the board's tongue, then angle it away from the tongue and to one side. This will keep the nail from pulling out and from blocking the tongue when you fit the groove of the next board over it. Measure for and cut the next board. Slide its groove over the tongue of the previous board.

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Q: I need to replace some rotten tongue and groove porch floorboards that were installed only a few years ago. What can I do to ensure that the new ones won't deteriorate just as quickly? A: The rot organism requires three ingredients in order to reproduce: A food source (wood), warm temperatures, and moisture. Because their ends are directly exposed to the weather, porch floorboards are among ...

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If you're installing tongue and groove boards over drywall (or plaster especially), it's a good idea to install 1x2 battens and fasten them directly to the framing with 2-1/2-in. screws. They'll give you a much more solid nailing surface.

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If you use tongue and groove porch decking, ensure that all sides are primed before you install (Image 1) in order to prevent moisture damage. The decking boards are installed to run perpendicular to the house (Image 2). Cut the boards, allowing at least a 3-inch overhang. This will be trimmed off after the porch decking is finally installed.

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If you have tongue and groove boards on your floor, there is a chance that you will need to repair them at some point. If one of them is damaged, you will need to remove it and put a new one in its place. Here are the basics of how to replace damaged tongue and groove boards.

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After World War II, board thicknesses shrank to ¾", and the ends were typically square-cut, both compromises in terms of the expected lifespan of the wood. Some Tips for Porch Flooring Repairs. For best longevity, choose 1" thick tongue-and-groove vertical-grain boards, preferably at least 5" wide.

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Page 2 Installing Porch Installation Guidelines Seven Trust® Porch should be installed using the same good building principals used to install wood or composite porch and in ac cordance with the local building codes and the installation guidelines included below. Seven Trust ® Building Products Inc. accepts no liability or responsibility for the improper installation of this product.

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Wood Porch Flooring Wood porch flooring is the most popular material for porch floors. I am partial to wood floors, especially tongue and groove decking, because I love woodworking. You probably didn't know all of the wood options you have when either building a new porch or renovating an old one.