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Deck Railing Codes All decks higher than 30" above grade must have a guardrail. If you choose to install a guardrail on a deck lower than 30", you must still meet code requirements. Decks attached to single family detached homes are regulated under the rules of the International Residential Code (IRC).

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Guards are required when then deck is 24 "(60 cm) above grade. The minimum height of the railing varies based on the height of the deck. Decks 24 "to 5-10" (180 cm) need 36 "guards and anything above 5-10" requires a 42 "high railing.

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This deck railing height code also applies to commercial decks and balconies such as restaurants, bars, and museums as well as multi-family homes, condos, and any deck on a third-story or higher. Learn more about the basics of deck railing code-compliance and installation in the Deck Railing Guide and Glossary of Deck Terms and Lingo .

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The IRC lays out stair requirements for decks in Section R507.13, and some depend on requirements outlined elsewhere in the Code. Here are some important points: According to Section R311.7.5, you must provide a landing for any stairway that rises higher than 12 feet.

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Deck Guardrail Height . Deck guardrails (guards) should rise to at least 36 inches above the residential deck level. This is a minimum required height for residential structure—higher guards are acceptable. Commercial deck guardrails, such as those found at restaurants, bars, and at multifamily homes such as apartments or condos, are required to be 42 inches high, minimum.

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Building Codes for a Wood Deck. An improperly constructed deck is, to put it simply, dangerous. In order to prevent potentially hazardous building practices, local building codes usually lay out a ...

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“The Prescriptive Residential Wood Deck Construction Guide is fantastic. If you build decks, inspect decks, are planning to build a deck, or just want some great info on how to properly build a deck, download this free guide from the American Wood Council.”

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2018 IRC Significant Changes to Deck Provisions 11 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS Alternative Materials and Methods –R104.11 An alternative material, design or method of construction shall be approved if the proposed design is satisfactory and complies with the intent of the code. 2018 IRC Significant Changes to Deck Provisions 12 EVALUATION REPORTS


ICC Digital Codes is the largest provider of model codes, custom codes and standards used worldwide to construct safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient structures.

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U.S. Building Codes for Deck Railing. A deck with no or inadequate railings is an accident waiting to happen. To ensure safety, individual communities in the United States regulate certain aspects ...

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There are several factors that determine the maximum joist cantilever overhang that is permitted for a deck. Learn about deck cantilever and overhang rules and codes at

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The deck shown here has a first floor elevated deck that is small and more of a "pass through" zone. But having access to the dining area and a lounge area with two separate stairs makes this little deck a gem! Start planning now!

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decks, only half are code compliant – leaving 20 million decks that need to be rebuilt or retrofitted. To help design and building professionals build code-compliant, safe decks, Simpson Strong-Tie® has created this Deck Framing Connection Guide. This guide focuses on the critical connections involved in deck construction and what the code ...

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Florida Deck Building Codes. Building a deck requires careful planning. Regardless of the material you use, you need to be aware that Florida has strict guidelines for deck building. Florida Building Code Requirements for Decks. If you plan on building a deck on your own, we still recommened seeking the advice of a professional deck builder.

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Building code for deck railing indicates that you need a deck railing for any deck that is 30” or more above grade. If your deck is below 30”, then you do not need a railing for most North American jurisdictions. A handful of states and some provinces, mandate railings begin at 24” above grade – not 30”.

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Decks shorter than 30 inches above grade do not require a building permit but may instead require a zoning or land-use permit. When obtaining a permit is required, the proposed deck has to first meet the land-use requirements of the community zoning code for where the deck is to be built. Contact local planning and zoning departments prior to ...

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Deck Railing Code The International Residential Code (IRC), adopted by most US cities and towns, requires 36-in.-high deck railings for decks more than 30 in. above the ground. The railing must be strong enough to resist the following loads: 125 pound uniform load (per linear foot) applied horizontally or vertically to the railing

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Deck posts Deck post sizing requirements are in MRC Table R507.4 and are limited to single-level wood-framed decks when sizing the decks other structural components with MRC Table R507.5. The height of the post shown in MRC Table R507.4 is measured from the underside of the beam to the top of the footing. Deck posts are based on using a 40 psf