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Natural stone is perfect for covering outdoor concrete stairs, or for adding a rustic flair to the inside of your home. As with the other options, you can usually find stone, like slate, pre-cut from local hardware or specialty flooring stores.

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Concrete pavers are used in a variety of ways to enhance the look of your home. You will usually find concrete pavers in a driveway or as part of a patio. You can use concrete pavers for your outdoor steps to make them appear like they were cut from stone or carefully created out of real stone.

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For a rich contemporary or country look, cover concrete stairs with Seven Trust flooring. The key to this project is to cover the steps and rises with thin plywood before laying the Seven Trust strips....

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Tiling over Concrete Steps Exterior stairs are most commonly made using concrete, as concrete is among the most durable and long lasting building materials. How to Cover a Concrete Wall with Stone Veneer Dressing up a block wall with stone-veneer panels, with This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook

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To begin this project, we purchased a couple of 4-Step Stair Stringers to put on the outside of the old steps. To make our stairs wider, we placed them about a foot out on either side of the stairs. We screwed four 1″ by 8″ treated yellow pine boards into the front of the stringers to create the new wood risers.

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Apr 15, 2017 - ***Updated below with pic of started project. I am in the process of refacing my front steps - I got Bluestone for the treads, a ThinStone (ledge/strip...

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Mix a few drops of household alkaline-based cleaner with hot water. Scrub the surface of the steps with a scrub brush. Rinse the steps with clean water. Allow the steps to air dry.

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Use a degreasing cleaner and a scrub brush with water to remove any dirt and grease from the concrete floor. Allow the concrete to completely dry, then vacuum any leftover debris and residue off the concrete floor. Use a masonry sealer or concrete filler to fill any cracks or holes in the concrete.

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Flagstones are another way to cover up unattractive concrete. They look incredible, and they'll completely cover any damaged concrete. One great thing about flagstone tiles is that they can be laid directly over concrete, and you can use them to cover the space under your door, as shown in the video.

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Use Pavers to Cover Your Concrete Patio Want a more permanent cover up idea? ‘ Family Handyman ‘ has a complete step by step for you on how to cover a concrete patio with pavers.

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Cut out a piece of plywood that can cover the length and width of your concrete step. Use plywood that is 5/8 of an inch thick. Cut out several identical pieces to cover all the steps on your stairway. Step 4

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One way to dress up concrete steps without sacrificing their utility is with thin brick pavers. Brick pavers, or brick tiles, come in a variety of colors and styles, making it easy to find a brick that suits your home's architectural styles. Before covering the steps, evaluate them to make sure their foundation is stable.

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Michael came to us because he wanted to put a handrail on the concrete steps outside on his back porch. However, he had constraints when finding a solution since the top of the steps had been repaired and probably would not support a flange or post. He also wanted to be able to grasp the railing from the inside of the porch before stepping down.

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The cover is for all practical purposes a roof as if a roofer had built it, with shingles and a 10% slope leading away from the house. It's in two parts, divided more or less evenly into a fixed part over the lower part of the stairs and a liftable part over the upper part of the stairs.

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From front porch stairs to basements, concrete steps are made to last but might take more care than others. However, you’d be surprised what a few coats of paint can do to Seven Trusten up your stairwell. Both indoors and outdoors, concrete paint can be used to make your stairs look great.

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There are a variety of ways to clean concrete steps. For mild cleaning, spot cleaning, and/or indoor cleaning, use a mild dish soap and a stiff bristle brush to remove stains from your concrete steps. For stubborn stains and outdoor jobs, use a concrete cleaner with a push broom or a pressure washer to clean your concrete steps thoroughly.

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Completely cover an entire single tread or just the main traffic area of the steps. This is a cutaway view of the stair tread covers over one tread just to show what is going on. You have to sand and smooth off the wood and apply some construction glue before putting on the cover. They are 47-½" long and 10-¼" wide.

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3. Floating Concrete Stairs. Use concrete slabs and create this contemporary look of stairs. Via: One Specialty. 4. Mosaic Garden Stairs. If you already have stairs, but they are just too boring, create these mosaic stairs! More details at Kim Larson Art. 5. Stone Slab Steps. Make beautiful, long-lasting steps from giant stone slabs. From ...