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Plywood Replace the decking of your boat with durable, marine grade plywood from Pontoon Specialists. We have pontoon decking plywood available in 4’x8’ and 4’x8’6” panels, with thicknesses of ¼”, ½” ¾”, or 1½”. Our marine plywood for boats is made with CCA treated Douglas-Fir veneers and high-quality, marine grade glue.

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CCA treated plywood does not need to be coated or treated before installation and has 7 plys that have been pressed and glued together then kiln dried, it will not warp or rot. This plywood is distributed through Huttig Corporation and is the same plywood used on all 2014 Bennington and South Bay pontoon boats.

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Pontoon Boats are perfect for recreation activities such as barbecues, parties and even just sitting back with friends whilst having a couple drinks. Though, all of this requires a solid pontoon boat decking. None of this is possible if you have a weak deck. This makes it important that we choose our pontoon boat decking materials wisely. Most of pontoon

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The decking of a pontoon not only provides a place to affix the various seats and controls, it also provides structural rigidity to the vessel and is an intricate component of the vessel's makeup. Marine grade plywood is often used for pontoon decking. The pontoon boat provides a platform for many water-goers to travel and spend leisure time on.

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Plywood Pontoon Boat Flooring Pontoon boats traditionally use plywood for the deck. Harris specifically uses marine-grade plywood with a tongue and groove fit to ensure a watertight finish. While plywood works well for deck construction, it is not inherently the best option for a floor.

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However the later composites panel decking has fiberglass reinforcement that has corrected these concerns. However this piece of mind does come with a price however, for composites often is a more expensive option if available. Aluminum: Is available as a deck material from various pontoon boat manufactures.

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The plywood is either expected to be a show face or at least a consistent face that can operate as a reliable surface for a decking veneer or fiberglass overlay. Weight is another factor to consider but all of these additional variables depend upon your specific construction needs.

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We offer Pontoon Boat redeck recarpet Kits, marine glue, and Marine Plywood by the sheet or in quantities. * Free Shipping on most products and all orders over $1,500.00 ** State Regulation requires us to charge Indiana residents standard sales tax.

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Re: Plywood decking #2 Post by GregF » Mon Aug 30, 2010 3:04 am When I was doing mine 20 years ago the Wolman plant manager (the guys who make PT) told me PT plywood was a waste of money for a pontoon boat.

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Poor quality plywood. The main issue with using a non-marine plywood is the eternal problem of time. Given sufficient time and use it may be that the protective fibreglass layer becomes damaged allowing water to permeate the surface and begin to rot the underlying plywood. If the plywood is required structurally then this becomes a messy problem indeed.

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Here is the start of a debate that's currently going on about using pressure-treated plywood. [wish2fish] posed an engineering question: I know we have discussed pressure-treated versus marine plywood many times. Some of the philosophy about not using pressure-treated lumber on a pontoon probably came when they used arsenic as a preservative.

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Replacing the deck on my pontoon and this is absolutely crazy....Marine Plywood is going to cost me over $500-600...then carpet and glue are going to be somewhere around $400. So since im already looking at a pretty pricey amount to redeck..I figured I would check to see if there are any good alternatives. Any type of composite decking out there and widely available?

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7 ply - 3/4" thick Marine Plywood Designed for rigorous marine use. CCA treated and kiln dried marine plywood. Great for boats and/or other exterior uses.

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This Pontoon Boat Re-deck Kit includes: 4-7 Sheets CCA Treated Marine Grade Plywood (16' Kit - 4 Sheets, 20' Kit - 5 Sheets, 24' Kit - 6 Sheets, 28' Kit - 7 Sheets) 1 Roll of 20 oz Pontoon Boat Carpet; 2-3 Gallons Marine Carpet Adhesive; 32 Fence Bolts to re-attach your pontoon fence; 32 Fence Risers to help prevent mold and mildew from growing under/around pontoon fence

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We offer Marine Plywood by the sheet or in quantities. Size of board is 4' x 8' x 3/4". Download the Dorsett Industries Letter for more information as to why use "Marine" grade plywood for your project.

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Great Decking and Transom Alternative - Do It Once - Do It Right! Strongest and Stiffest Composite Panel with the Absolute Highest Strength-to-Weight Ratio Consists of Polyurethane foam filled throughout with layers of continuous strand glass and woven fiberglass Over 30% lighter than Plywood with equal superior structural integrity!

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Re: what kind of plywood is every one using I just repaired a large floor panel in my cockpit, and was going to use plywood, but decided to use Prisma Preforms. Ended up being cheaper, lighter, and easier to work with then wood. They also make stringers. This stuff will never rot. Here's a link to my step-by-step repair using the product.

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Pontoon boat decking is usually constructed of marine plywood screwed to the aluminum deck beams and covered with marine carpet. The bottom of the decking is subject to water damage from repeated exposure to spray from the pontoons when the boat is underway.

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Different Types of Decking on Pontoon Boats. Far and away the most common type of deck used on a pontoon boat is a plywood deck with plastic carpeting installed over it. This is not the most appealing combination in terms of look, feel, or longevity. The biggest problem is that the plywood beneath is prone to rotting.