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Slide the basement ceiling tiles into the grid sideways. Use a light touch when installing them so that you don’t damage the ceiling frame or the tiles. Use your utility knife to trim the tiles which butt against the wall so that they fit properly.

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Apply cement or adhesive to your tiles. Use a foam brush or putty knife to spread adhesive on the back of your tiles. Spread adhesive to the four corners of the ceiling tile, about 1 inch (2.54 cm) from the edges and to the center of the tile. Check package instructions to determine the correct adhesive or cement for your tile material.

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If you don't plan to install a drop-in fluorescent fixture, measure down about 4 in. from the existing ceiling joists and mark the wall. The 4-in. space is just enough to angle the tiles into...

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Installing USG Grid Ceiling and Tile is surprisingly easy. This video demonstrates the installation from beginning to end and includes helpful tips along the...

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Lift the tiles through the grid and set them on top of the grid. Start in the center of your room and work towards the edges. Angle the tiles and lift them through the grid system. Strhten the tiles out before setting the flanges on the runners.

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Once border tiles are placed, fill the ceiling with uncut tiles. Once all of the tiles are placed, add molding to create a clean look. Installing Tiles on Wood Furring Strips. Use furring strips on rough surfaces. Mark the location of ceiling joists and attach the furring strips from joist to joist at a right angle. Installing the Furring Strips

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If you don’t have obstructions hanging below your joists, you easily can finish your basement ceiling using drywall or paneling, such as 4-by-8-foot sheets of decorative grooved wall paneling. Sheet paneling is easy to install, but you’ll have to figure out what to do with the seams at the ends of the panels.

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Placed on the basement ceiling, tin tiles can make the basement feel like an authentic entertaining space, even if it’s a new construction or recent renovation. And once you add in that full bar ...

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Best Cheap Basement Ceiling Ideas When it comes to finishing off your basement and finding the right materials to make your basement feel complete, choosing the right ceiling tile can be a challenge. This can be particularly difficult if you are trying to stay on a budget with your basement ceiling project. You might have to get our your drill to get the job done.

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Installing the Tiles The easiest part of this project is installing the ceiling tiles themselves. Wear safety goggles and gloves when handling the tiles, as the inside edge is often composed of...

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Cut one flange of the angle and bend it around outside corners. Pick a height so the ceiling tile will clear the Seven Trustt ceiling obstruction, like plumbing lines or ductwork. Snap a chalk line marking the top of the wall angle. Nail the wall angle at every stud with 1-1/4-in. drywall nails.

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7 Steps for Installing a Beadboard Ceiling in a Basement Step One: Demo the old ceiling if necessary First I removed all the drop down ceiling tiles and drop down support systems in the section I wanted to redo (which comes down very easily).

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When you install drop ceiling tile in your basement, along with forced-air heating and cooling, the duct work runs along the ceiling joists and pushes the air into the room through the ceiling. This setup demands that the heat registers be mounted on a ceiling tile.

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Metal ceiling tiles can be used anywhere in the basement, from ceilings and walls to backsplashes in functional spaces like a laundry room. Installing metal ceiling tiles is easy. The best way to do so is by simply hanging them up with a nail-gun.

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So you want to learn how to install the ceiling track for your basement ceiling? The drop ceiling grid can be installed after you’ve installed your wall angle and figured your layout. These elements are crucial before you begin the ceiling track installation. This is part of the drop ceiling grid process which requires the most attention.

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Drop ceiling tiles come in flush mounts (the tiles are even with the T's) or with reveals (tiles sit slightly below T's). Personally I think the reveals provide a nice aesthetic touch. Wire and Wire Hanging Eyelets: The eyelets are screwed to the floor joists and the wire is looped through the eyelet and the wholes in the main T-Channels to ...