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DMAC Industries offers 9/16” form deck in a variety of gauges including 28, 26, 24, and 22, and all are available in a durable galvanized finish. Form deck should always be galvanized when used as a support for light weight insulating concrete fill and is ideal for high moisture environments.

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The 8 ft. 3 in. x 30 in. x 9/16 in. Galvanized Steel Decking is ideal for a variety of projects including metal roofing, metal fencing and more. Use as a structural support for lightweight insulating fills or as a form for reinforced concrete slabs. This durable decking is made to resist corrosion, insects, mold and fire.

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9/16" steel form deck requires less concrete but spans shorter distances than deeper form decking. A lighter weight form makes it ideal for small spans and residential applications. (410) 796-7968

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0.9 lb/ft² (Galvanized) 9/16" Form Deck-26: 9/16 in : 26 gauge : 0.0164 in : 1.0 lb/ft² (Galvanized) 9/16" Form Deck-24: 9/16 in : 24 gauge : 0.0239 in : 1.3 lb/ft² (Galvanized) 9/16" Form Deck-22: 9/16 in : 22 gauge

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The Following Inventory Is In-Stock :: Call Us At 978-664-0044: Form Deck : 9/16” 24 GA: Galvanized G90 35” x 20’-3” 1” 20 GA: Galvanized G90 36” x 20’-3”

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Shallow VERCOR™ is a 9/16 inch deep deck that is manufactured from G90 galvanized steel with a yield strength of 80 ksi and is available in 22-26 gage. Galvanized VERCOR deck can be considered permanent form.

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Metal Form Decks are available in 9/16”, 15/16” or 1”, 1-5/16”, 1-1/2”, 2”, or 3” Depths. These are normally used for spans of 2’-5’ with slabs of 3”-6” of concrete, and are used strictly for forming the slab. Gauges for form decks vary from 28 to 16 gauge, thinner gauges are the most common.

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9/16” Form Deck. All material sold by . Metal Deck Direct. is made in

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15/16" Deep Deck with Type II Concrete Fill: Type 2.0 NCF: 9/16" Deep Deck with Type II Concrete Fill: Type 3.0 NCF : Fire Resistant Ratings: Steel Roof Deck & Acoustical Roof Deck: U.L. Listings Composite Floor Deck U.L. Listings Roof & Form Deck: Specifications - Load Tables & Section Properties

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The non-composite deck profiles we stock include 9/16” form deck (.6C), 1” form deck (1.0C) and 1-1/2” form deck (1.5C). We have ability to produce 2” and 3” form deck panels to order. Product Data Sheet/Load Span Table

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Cordeck Form Deck is ideal where a steel/concrete composite is not required. Form Deck is perfect for floors, stairways, and more. Cordeck offers four popular Form Deck products, providing a wide variety of spanning and loading capabilities. If you require assistance in selecting the form deck products most suitable for your project, please contact a Cordeck DEXPERT® today for a free expert ...

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9/16″ Form Deck. 0.6C, 0.6CSV, S Deck, 9/16" Form. DOWNLOADS. Form Deck Sectional Properties / Load Table / Installation Guide. QUOTE REQUEST. Select from our stock or as a production run. Select “add to quote” and keep looking if you want to price multiple products. The products will appear in your quote basket (left column).

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Steel decking is used in many applications, but is particularly well suited to roofing and flooring. Vulcraft manufactures many different types of deck, including roof deck, floor deck, composite floor deck and cellular deck. A full line of deck accessories, such as end closure and pour stop, is also available from Vulcraft.

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With FormLok ® dovetail deck's superior sound ratings, you can easily find a floor finish that meets code and fits your version.

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3” composite floor deck panels are primarily used for pouring concrete slabs. Composite floor decks have embossments that grip the concrete slab and they are typically reinforced with rebar or wire mesh which creates a strong bond with the concrete floor.

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Western Metal Deck 616 S. Oaks Ave. Ontario, CA 91762 909-467-2016

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It is used either as a form deck to pour concrete or as siding and roofing. Deep Vercor is 1 5/16" deep and is available in galvanized G-90 finishes. Verco Deep Vercor is good in stock in 20 Gauge. In addition, Deep Vercor deck is available in lengths ranging from 20'-6" to 30'-6".

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• 22, 20, 18*, 16 (G-60 galvanized steel deck) *18 gauge also available in G-90 with vent tabs(see Other below) Lengths: • Stock lengths from 20 to 32 feet • Quick custom cut metal deck to any length