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One minute, 15 seconds (1:15) for Level 6. Timing begins with the first movement of the gymnast and stops with the final movement of the gymnast. The entire exercise is evaluated, regardless of overtime. The Chief Judge takes the overtime deduction of 0.10 from the average score.

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Floor Exercise Time Limit; Level 1: 30 seconds: length of compulsory music: Level 2: 35 seconds length of compulsory music: Level 3: 55 seconds length of compulsory music: Level 4: 1 minute 5 sec length of compulsory music: Level 5: 1 minute 10 sec length of compulsory music: Level 6: 1 minute 15 sec: 1 minute 15 sec: Level 7: 1 minute 20 sec 1 ...


4. The gymnast is allowed to jump within the boundaries of the Floor Exercise mat to warm up her legs while waiting for the signal to compete. B. Timing of the exercise 1. The maximum time limit is: a. One minute, 30 seconds (1:30) for Levels 7, 8, 9, and 10. b. One minute, 15 seconds (1:15) for Level 6. 2.

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Level 6 floor length is 1:15. level 7 (and all higher levels) is 1:30. But if a gymnast does a 1:30 floor routine in Level 6, she will only lose .10 for being overtime, correct? Assuming the above is correct, does anyone else think it may not be uncommon to see a longer Level 6 floor, since you only lose .10 and music/routines are typically ...

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With the vast amount of experience in music editing, we focus specifically on making a professional cut of your floor music to your requirements, whether it is Xcel or Level 6 Gymnastics Floor Routine Music (i.e. Level 6 is 1.15min long). $20 for a quick professional cut or free if the music is in our library!


REQUIREMENTS LEVEL 6 LEVEL 7 LEVEL 8 LEVEL 9 LEVEL 10 VALUE PARTS A=.10, B=.30, C=.50 START VALUE BONUS DIFFICULTY RESTRICTIONS FOR BARS, BEAM & FLOOR --- 0.5 for each Unallowable element -to bar Refer to Level 8 Vault chart: VAULTS ALLOWED SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS Deduct 0.50 for each missing SR for all Levels 5 A’s, 1 B, 0 C’s 10.0

Level 6 Gymnastics Requirements

Once a gymnast can perform routines that meet all these level 6 requirements, and she has passed out of level 5, she may compete in a level 6 meet. Level 6 may be skipped if a 32 AA was scored at Level 5. After successfully completing level 6, she can move on to level 7.

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This is the new USAG level 6 floor music

Perfect 10 Floor Routine! Level 7 USAG Floor Routine/Hanh ...

2017 Socal State Championships/Hanh Hoang/ Level 7 USAG Floor Routine

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Gymnasts must use the entire floor mat during their routine, but cannot step off the floor mat at any time or a deduction is taken. A floor routine lasts up to 90 seconds. Women perform to the music of their choice, while men perform without music.

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The allowed time for a floor exercise is up to 70 seconds for males and up to 90 seconds for females. Unlike men, women always perform routines to music.

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4. Level 6 The current USA Gymnastics Level 6 rules govern this Skill Division 5. Excel Levels The current USA Gymnastics Excel rules govern this Skill Division with the following AAU Modifications: Balance Beam and Floor Exercise routines will not be timed. No routine will be awarded less than 3.0 (applies to all events).

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If you are not sure about what length you need, ask your coach. Long – Long versions are full length gym routines. Most are between 1:20 and 1:29 in length. Medium – Medium lengths are between 1:15 and 1:20 sec. Level 6 – Medium lengths are between 1:10 and 1:15 sec. Short – Short lengths are between 1:00 and 1:10 sec.


LEVEL 6 To compete in level 6 gymnastics a gymnast must be able to do the following skills on each of the four events. In addition to the skills listed below, level 6 routines must each have 5 “A” skills and 1 “B” skills. In gymnastics each skill has a value, A’s are the easiest all the way up to E’s which are the hardest.

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Customized: Companies like Flip Out Floor Music & Jump Twist Music offer services that produce customize gymnastics floor music. You pick the length, energy level and they compose an original piece of music or cover song. Youtube: If you search “floor music” on youtube you’ll find some great pieces. I do have reservations with this method.

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But in general, the rules for gymnastics floor work are similar. A woman’s floor exercise routine may not exceed 90 seconds, while a man’s routine must be between 60 and 70 seconds. The Basics. A woman’s floor exercise routine may not exceed 90 seconds. The absence of music or the use of music with spoken or sung words will cost a gymnast ...

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A bar routine consists of about 15-20 skills and should flow from one move to the next and use both bars. There shouldn't be any pauses or extra swings. There is no time limit on bars, but routines usually last about 30-45 seconds.

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