what spacing of joists are required when installing decking

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Deck joist spacing should never exceed 16” on center (with the exception of MAX deck boards, which allow for maximum 24" on center). For a more rigid feel, 12” or less may be preferred. If adding additional framing, be sure to keep all boards level and in plane across the tops.

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Most decks use 16" on center spacing for joists. Most decking is not strong enough to support longer spans than 16". Some builders reduce joist spacing to 12" on center to strengthen the deck frame or to increase maximum allowable joist spans. Joist Spacing for Composite Decking

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But sometimes, they can be a bit unclear when it comes to a crucial component of your deck frame – joist spacing. Decking manufacturers may recommend anywhere between 12 and 16 inches for commercial decks and 12 to 24 inches for residential decks.

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The majority of composite deck board brands including Seven Trust , , and more require deck joists spacing to be at 16 inches O.C. (on center) for standard strht composite decking installation. Composite decking brands also generally require 12 inches O.C.joist spacing for 45-degree or angled composite deck board applications.


When stacking decking bundles, supports (dunnage) should start approximately 8-in (203 mm) from each end and be spaced approximately 2-ft (0.61m) on center. In addition, supports (dunnage) should line up vertically/perpendicular to the decking product. Adjust support blocks (dunnage) accordingly if bundles are loose.

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Span entries are listed for 2×6 through 2×12 joists and 12 in., 16 in., and 24 in. on-center spacing.

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Before deciding on how much space to leave between deck boards, check with your local building code to see if it covers deck board spacing. Many jurisdictions following the International Building Code, which requires a minimum 1/8-inch spacing between boards. Generally, an acceptable gap between deck boards is between 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch.

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Deck Post to Deck Beam Requirements Beam Requirements Deck Beam Requirements Splices required to be Deck Joist Requirements Joist Depth The end of each beam shall have a minimum of 1 ½” of bearing on wood or metal or 3“on masonry located at interior posts Joist Beam Ledger Board 2 rows 10d (3” X .128”) nails or wood screws


However, Seven Trust recommends spacing the joists at 12 in. on center to increase stability and reduce the flexing of the deck boards. **When installing Paramount Decking, secure stair treads over and in contact with a treated pine 2 in. x 6 in., installed flat, not on edge, as under support, and secured with Simpson A23 approved connectors

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Most deck joists are centered 16 inches apart, which is the maximum deck joist spacing for most low-maintenance decking. If you plan to install your decking at a 45-degree angle, your joists may need to be 12 inches apart. You also may have to install more stair stringers.

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Joists can usually span up to 1.5 times their thickness in feet. The spacing between joists is 12”o.c. or 16”o.c. for composite and 5/4 decking, and up to 24”o.c. for 2×6 deck boards. In this guide, we’ll discuss joist sizing, spans, spacing, and factors that affect material selection when framing a deck.

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Generally, 1x4 and 1x6 decking can be installed with joists on 16” centers. 5/4x4 and 5/4x6 decking can be installed with joists on 24” centers. When installing on an angle, joist spacing should be on 12” centers. Final joist spacing should only be determined after consulting local building codes.

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To begin, double-check to make sure the space between the joists is a consistent 14-1/2 in. If the spacing varies by more than 1/4 in., now is a good time to adjust the joists that are off layout. Cutting the blocking at exactly 14-1/2 in. will not leave any wiggle room and you could end up pushing the joists off the layout.

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• Space all decking material 1/4-inaway from any permanent structure or post. • Use corrosion-resistant, coated composite decking fasteners to minimize “mushrooming” and possible decking discoloration. Joist Spacing • 16-in on-center for installation perpendicularto the joist. • 12-in on-center for installation diagonal to the joist.

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Wooden decks will have a frame spacing measurement of either 24 or 16 inches. When replacing the existing boards with composite decking on a deck with 24-inch frame spacing, you will only need to add joists 12 inches on center between existing joists. For decks with 16-inch spacing, measure and mark each joist that is at 48 inches.

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Adjust spacing between deck boards Measure to the house at both ends and in the center when you get within about 5 ft. of the wall. Adjust the spacing between deck boards gradually over the next 10 rows of decking until the distance to the house is equal. The last board won’t look good if it’s skinny or cut at an angle.

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The IRC specifies that decking boards must be made from 2 x 6 lumber or composite boards with a minimum spacing of 1/8 inch between boards. Many localities allow the use of 1 1/4-inch ipé or teak boards, but it's best to check first. Each decking board needs to be attached to each joist with two 8d nails or two #8 decking screws.

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• Proper joist spacing is required for proper installation. Joist spacing should never exceed 16” on center. For a more rigid feel, 12” may be preferred. • Install solid wood blocking between each joist, placed in rows at maximum every 4’ - 6’ within the structure using exterior grade screws.

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• Proper joist spacing is required for proper installation. Joist spacing should never exceed 16” on center. For a more rigid feel, 12” may be preferred. • Install solid wood blocking between each joist, placed in rows at maximum every 4’ - 6’ within the structure using exterior grade screws.