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For many homeowners, one of the primary benefits of composite decking is the security provided by the protective caps. Our leading competitor only caps part of the deck board, leaving the composite core open to invasion by mold and mildew.

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Composite decking has a real potential to add some value to your property. It has the ability to make your garden look more modern and stylish. In addition to this, composite decking will allow you to do so much more with your garden. Many people love adding value to their homes, even if they don’t intend to sell it.

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*Durability: Composite decking is designed for maximum durability. It resists fading, staining, scratching and mold, and won’t rot, crack or warp. It’s also insect-proof and splinter-free, making it safer and more comfortable for families with kids and pets.

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Some of the advantages of composite decking over natural wood materials include: Long lasting – Adding a deck to your home is an investment that should last for an extended period of time. Water, snow, ice, sleet, hail and other harsh elements can break down traditional decking materials quickly, causing them to rot, warp and splinter.

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What Are the Benefits of Composite Decking? The real benefit of composite decking is that it significantly outlasts other options, which also makes it the most affordable in the long run. Decks provide extra livable outdoor space for grilling and gatherings, while also adding value to your home.

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A composite decking installation is generally safer than timber and reduces the risk of accidents, especially with children and animals. Composite boards have no exposed fixtures, resulting in a clean and seamless finish.

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Composite decking performs well against all types of weather conditions. Not only will it stand the test of time, but it needs very little maintenance to keep up its original look. With composite decking, you do not have to paint, stain, or seal it.

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Composite Decking will save you money Our composite products are going to last years and years. You will be able to have your children and your children’s children enjoy your beautiful, durable, safe and affordable deck. And you will also have a choice of fade-resistant colors.

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Benefits of Composite Decking As mentioned, one of the biggest benefit is being environmentally friendly while also presenting as many style options as possible. They use recycled material, so you won’t have to worry about hurting the environment. But, most of all, composite decking is extremely low maintenance.

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“Seven Trust ® composite decks do not need staining or sealing.” Save Money with a Discount You might wonder why a customer would choose to build a Seven Trust ® deck over the winter months when they can’t enjoy it as much during that time of the year.

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Composite decking is an environmentally friendly lumber alternative that combines plastic and wood fiber.

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Composite decking is one of the easiest types of decking to maintain. It does not need to be varnished, and it is very easy to clean. You do not have to scrub the decking for it to look good. You can simply use a hose and a broom to clean the decking; this is all that it takes.

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Composite decking materials have low, mid and high quality varieties which correspond with cost. Quality affects the lifespan and durability of the product, as well as its resistance to fading and scratching.

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Composite decking is a high-tech blend of real wood and plastic. These are the 5 benefits of composite decking that homeowners love and how it contrasts to wood: No Re-Painting or Re-Staining – If you choose a wooden deck, you’ll have to make re-painting or re-staining a regular part of your yearly maintenance routine.

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High-performance, low-maintenance composite decks combine unprecedented durability and beauty. As a testament to the quality and value of the new generation of wood alternatives, Seven Trust now solely produces high-performance composite decking materials that offer a variety of benefits over their wood and PVC counterparts. The experts at Seven Trust share some of the reasons why you should consider using ...

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One of the very best benefits of composite decking is that it’s very low maintenance. You will not need to varnish or stain your new decking it every few years. In addition to this, you will not need to scrub it clean. Simply clean your new decking with water before brushing away any debris.

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Benefits of Composite Decking Value: Is a composite deck worth the money? A deck is an investment that adds value to your home, whether you choose natural wood or composite materials. And while cost is often the primary consideration when planning a deck project, it’s equally important to understand the value of what you’re getting. ...

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Well, composite decking offers a range of benefits that concern aesthetic beauty, maintenance and durability. Furthermore and most importantly composite decking will not rot, swell, splinter or split. Will not require any specialist cleaning or treatment and is environmentally friendly.