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Above Ground Pool Decks - Raise Your Deck to the Edge of Your Pool There are many advantages to having an above ground pool. They fit into smaller and/or oddly shaped yards more easily than inground pools. You can take them with you when you move.

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If you build the deck surface over the edge of the above above ground pool a couple of challenges arise. First you have to either have the entire deck framing structure rise above and over edge of the pool which means the top of the decking will be at least 8 or 9 inches above the top of pool coping.

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The water level for an above ground swimming pool is about six inches below the top rail. Adding a deck over the top rail can now make the water level more than eight inches below the deck. This may be OK for you, but you also may not like being too far from the water. Run the Deck Boards Under the Top Rails

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Self-tapping screws can be used to mount the deck board to the top metal edge. Drill through your ledger and the metal pool flange as described in the section on ledger boards. Do this at least every 24 inches in the pools edge, and one at the top of each post in the pool’s frame.

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We recommend building the pool deck directly under the lip of the pool edge. It is best to set a series of segmented beams and footings about 2' from the edge of the pool to support around the curved sides. It is a good practice to install joist tape over the top of joists to protect from standing water.

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A swimming pool deck is more than just a space to stand around your pool. Believe it or not, the pool deck is actually the most-used part of any swimming pool design, as the deck is where you'll spend most of the time.

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Successful pool decking should provide a secure walking area between pool ladders, diving boards, and slides, as well as a place for lounging. If you’re considering adding decking around your...

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I'm trying to decide if I should build my new deck over the top plate, at the same Level, or under the edge. I understand there "Must" be room for the Winter Cover of at least an inch gap. Allowing for this gap it seems to me hanging over would be best. The cover could easily fit in between the 1 inch gap.

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J. Designs Pool & Spa brought this pool up to date with a complete deck replacement, cantilevered over the edge of the pool, capping a modern pool tile color. In this complete backyard renovation, the pool shape is perfect for a mountain lake design, with overhanging stone decking, and boulders surrounded by evergreen bushes.

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Lay a 2-by-8 on edge the length of the pool on the patio or pool deck. This will serve as the outside frame. You may not be able to get lumber to span the entire length in one piece, but the fewer the better. Wherever there is a joint, add a double joist across the pool.

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Cantilever edge: Foam forms are secured on top of the wall, then a concrete deck is poured up to the form to create a deck that comes right up and over the pool's edge. The concrete can be decorated with stamping or staining.

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Another advantage of an above ground pool with a surround deck is that you can use a safety pool cover during winter, vacations, or anytime that you want to secure the pool. This type of wood pool deck has safety built-in all year around, with a self-latching gate on the upper deck, attached to the house.

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Any good deck builder should easily be able to build a wood deck around an above ground pool. In order to do the slurry method of backfill that is recommended on the Doughboy website the area around the outside of the pool needs to be about 6" from the pool to the edge of the hole. Installing a pool in this way is extremely difficult.

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You may have to go under the deck and extend the length of the joists closer to the pool. If you have a 12" gap I don't see any other way. You could leave some space and then run a nice flat 2x6 along the edge of the deck to but up against the pool as close as you wish. You could bevel the outside edge to give it a softer look. This might work.

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Lay out the deck around the pool using stakes driven into the ground. Pull a string line from the corners to establish the outside perimeter of the deck. For our example, we'll assume a 21-foot pool. Mark the location of an interior post about 1' (30 cm) from the edge of the pool.

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Apr 15, 2017 - above ground pool deck over edge - Google Search. Explore. Home Decor. Exterior. Pool And SPA. Pool Deck. . Saved from Simple deck for 30' round above ground pool. June 2020. I'd like to build a simple deck for our 30' round above ground pool. ...

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Deck-level perimeter overflow pools allow the water to meet the edge of the pool deck. This creates a “reflective pool” effect like a sheet of glass reflecting the sky. When the water is completely level with the surrounding surface, a tranquil ambiance is created that has a very contemporary feel.

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Pool Deck Pavers. A paver is a paving stone, and they are a good option for pool decks because they are comfortable to walk on and provide good traction as they are slip-resistant. Pool deck pavers can be made from manufactured materials, like concrete pool pavers, or natural materials. Natural pool deck pavers are made from paver materials ...

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Some deck builders install the trim board over the edge of the rim joist by about an inch in order to tuck the fascia board underneath. This allows water to drain off the board’s edge. This subtle detail can do a lot to improve the overall appearance of your deck.

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Posts installed and most of the floor joists are in. Thanks for watching!