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One of the most popular applications of plastic for boats is as a replacement for glass windows or windshields. Polycarbonate plastics like Makrolon Marine 5 are designed for strength and clarity in even the harshest weather conditions.

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The resilient vinyl is waterproof and it’s rated for commercial-use so it can withstand a lot of foot traffic. Our interior Teak & Holly marine flooring is as ‘No Maintenance’ as our exterior wood-alternative products. The soft texture provides good footing while the honey glow adds an elegant classic look.

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Due to the increased strength and its resistance to environmental elements, structural recycled HDPE plastic lumber is well suited for marine applications where structural support or load bearing is required. Choose Bedford Technology’s FiberForce® as the marine plastic lumber building material for your upcoming project.

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Marine flooring options have exploded in the last decade. Thanks to technological advancements, the quality of materials and the ease of installation have improved dramatically. This cycle of continuous improvement means fabricators need to stay ahead of the curve and have a thorough understanding of the products available to best meet their ...

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Applications. Ladder Treads, Bilge Floor Grate, Swim Platform, Flooring , 1/2" Diameter Tool using a climb cut at 150 IPM 18,000 RPM. Marine Grade - SEABOARD or StarBoard HDPE - ePlasticsRidout Plastics home page telephone ,. Marine and Non-Marine Outdoor Cabinetry / Furniture Hatches / Covers Rails, Trim, and Components , 1 – 2, $36.14.

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PMG® Acrylics, Aqua-Plas®, and Aqua-Steel® substrates are manufactured to endure and thrive in the unique Marine environment. Our materials excel in applications from boat windshields, upholstery, enclosures, and tackle centers to block out panels for wood and aluminum replacement just to name a few.

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Customize or repair your boat with marine grade plastic sheets from Boat Outfitters. From King Starboard HDPE to Coosa Board, we've got all the top-quality plastic sheets required to complete your boating project today!

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Glass reinforced plastic Glass fibers became available just after the development of polyester resins. Soon, glass reinforced plastic boats came into existence since the early 1950s and continue to be a significant composite construction technique in Marine applications today.

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Most marine vinyl is naturally flame resistant as plastic typically melts before it ignites, but if the material you bought was from overseas chemicals might have been added that can make it unstable and more likely to ignite quickly. This is why it is important to look for vinyl that has passed the proper testing.

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Plastic products are a dependable choice because of their customizable exterior, lightweight, industrial design, and ease of fabrication. Piedmont Plastics’ has a complete line of materials uniquely designed to withstand the rigorous conditions of the marine environment while maintaining a flexible and lightweight exterior.

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Our Seaboard® family of marine board and outdoor building materials is workable and cuts like wood, but with the superior properties of plastic. Our plastics for outdoor use are designed and built to withstand damage from the elements, such as rotting, corrosion, splintering and delamination.

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Marine & Boat Buildin g - Total Plastics, Inc. - Similar to Marine & Boat Buildin g - Total Plastics, Inc. to marine applications. We are a master distributor of King StarBoard® products, this polymer sheet material is the standard for use in weather resistant marine

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Seaboard® Products – Weather The Storm With Our Plastic Marine Board Material . anything—from a boat to a piece of furniture—it's important to use the highest . provides structural and bonding properties for marine and other applications.

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Makrolon® marine polycarbonate plastics are flexible and made for extreme conditions in marine applications. Marine polycarbonate provides incredible durability and long-lasting optical clarity with a meticulous manufacturing process that produces low optical distortion flexible thin sheet.

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The usage of the fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) in marine applications offers ability to orient fiber strength, ability to mold complex shapes, low maintenance and flexibility. The most common reinforcement material in marine applications is E-glass fiber. Boat Flooring

CHURERSHINING EVA Faux Teak Decking Sheet for Boat Yacht Marine Flooring Mat Non-Slip Mat Self-Adhesive Carpet 35.4" x94.5“ Light Brown/Grey … 4.4 out of 5 stars 106 $59.99 $ 59 . 99

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It is often used for marine construction applications, such as guides or runners. It is also used to create bed liners and fenders for automobiles. Final Thoughts . Depending on which outdoor structure is being constructed, it is very probable that plastic will be the best building material available.

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Fig: Ceramic Flooring. Plastic Flooring Material in Buildings. Plastic tiles or poly vinyl chloride (PVC) tiles are widely used nowadays which are laid on concrete base. These tiles are available in different shapes, sizes and colors. Plastic tiles are of slippery nature and can get easily damaged by fire.


HDPE Marine Board is a lightweight and extremely tough, chemically resistant plastic. It does not absorb water and has a good sliding abrasion resistance in addition to a specialized self-lubrication. Unlike many other marine-based materials, Marine Board is environmentally stabilized to resist salt water, and will not rot or degrade.