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The pSeven Trust fits over a fixed tube that is bolted with angle iron or L-brackets to the top of your fence. When a cat tries to grab the top of the roller and jump over the roller well rolls. This prevents them from getting the footing they need to jump over the fence.

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Rather than causing pain to your pets through electric fences or collars, our cat fence is a barrier of netting supported by heavy-gauge steel stanchions (unlike the wire brackets of the Cat Fence-In product) which attach to your existing fence. The barrier angles into your yard providing an overhang which cats will not climb.

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Keeps your cat in your yard and stray cats out. Works on any height fence from 3 ft. on up. Brackets are mounted above netting and extend 16 inches into the yard. Adjustable vertical rods attach to the end of the brackets and angle upward 20 inches.

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The Angled fence brackets can be used to raise the height of your existing fence before attaching the netting to the house.

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Others, such as Purrfect Fence use a patented & custom engineered spring loaded arm purpose-built to offset the abilities and weight of a cat. A series of these are placed on fence posts of an existing fence and chicken wire or plastic netting gets stretched between these brackets. As mentioned earlier, these can work for some cats.

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Fence Brackets When coupled with Low-Vis 19mm Netting, a fence line perimeter enclosure will raise the height of your existing fence to create an angled physical barrier. It stops cats being able to climb up as they don’t like being upside down.

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This complete cat fence system is a great starter kit for pet owners made from strong poly fencing material. It is guaranteed to keep cats in and deters them from clawing the fence. The top, also made from poly mesh, will stop birds from trying to hurt the cat; and the bottom is made from a wire fence to stop chewing and digging.

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McGregor has the best cat fence kits in the business at the best prices. To browse our kits, click on the type of your choice: standard kits, kits with extra posts, and conversion kits – these last being kits for converting existing walls and fences into cat fences. We’ve also got gates, braces, and lots of parts, as well as the best installation videos on the web.

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An add-on cat retrofit, or fence enclosure, is a band of mesh or wide strip that is installed on top of an existing fence. These fencing systems are attached to the barrier by a series of brackets and create an overhang on the inside of the fence.

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I am currently working on an outdoor cat fence, too, but rather than buying and cutting garden stakes, I am using flagpole brackets (the small ones used for classroom flags). I installed a bracket on each fence post, inserted a 1/2" X 36" wooden dowel into the bracket, and attached lightweight garden netting along the top side of the dowels.

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Our UK designed and manufactured cat containment brackets can be fitted to existing fencing, turning a garden into a safe haven for your beloved pets. The br...

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A vinyl privacy fence will add security to your backyard and keep your cat in too. Vinyl is a difficult material for a cat to climb and it doesn’t crack or break under pressure. If you have a jumper, then make sure the fence is tall enough to keep them in. A few fails will keep the cat from trying too many times.

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Trying to work out how to stop cats jumping your fence or gate? Well....designing a cat proof fence seems difficult expensive and often is an eye sore. I wan...

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The panels come with screws and brackets to attach to the fence, as well as UV ties to secure them at intervals to the rails. A Puppy Panel looks a lot better than chicken wire, and the clever cat can’t pull one off the fence. The time might be right for a privacy fence

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ProtectaPet® Cat Fence Brackets are attached at intervals around the garden (generally to each fence post or every 1.8 metres (6 foot) and linked via high tensile polypropylene mesh, creating a cat barrier.

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Standard ProtectaPet® Cat Fence Brackets are fitted to strht stretches of fences or walls which are 170cm (6ft) high or taller. They can also be used to cat proof trees and gates. The features of the Standard ProtectaPet® Cat Fence Brackets are: vinyl fence brackets

Jake Sales Vinyl 2X6 Fence Bracket: Mounts a 1-1/2" x 5-1/2" Vinyl Fence Rail to a Wall or Other Vertical Flat Surface. 4.4 out of 5 stars 9. $8.95 $ 8. 95. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 4. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Fence Panel Mounting Kit. 4.1 out of 5 stars 28.

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After the brackets are screwed to the fence, the net banding attachment edge is secured to the fence from corner to corner. This makes a tight fit so cats can’t get between the netting and fence. The banding and netting wrap easily around corners without cutting. If two or more kits are needed, they can be easily fastened together.

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Our cat fence material is flexible so most cats don't like to climb it. For acrobatic Houdini cats that can climb upside down, the Cat-Proofer™ extenders will buckle under the cat's weight, safely returning the cat to the ground. Watch Video to Learn More