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Marine Honeycomb and Plascore Board™ for Boat Building

From high performance off-shore racers to the recreational runabout, Plascore honeycomb marine composite products offer superior strength-to-weight ratios, toughness, moisture and corrosion resistance for even the most demanding applications.

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Building with CarbonCore Plastic Honeycomb assures you that your boat is built with material ready to handle all kinds of stresses.

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A system of transverse and longitudinal stringers (or floor plates), as well as reinforcements are added to those areas subjected to significant stresses. Nidaplast offers a range of structural honeycomb cores, which can withstand the mechanical stresses to which boats the subjected when at sea.

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The boat has a single centre stringer is 25mm ply with 4 horizontal bulkheads. Im trying to find any information on the mechanical propeties of the honeycomb materials like nidacore, nidaplast, plascore etc, to see what would provide equivalent properties as the plywood.


stringer-, honeycomb core-, and tigr -stiffened skins, and ring-stiffened cylinders fabricated from automated thermoplastic fiber placement and filament winding mark a. lamontia, ralph d. cope, phd, mark b. gruber, and brian j. waibel accudyne systems, inc., 134b sandy drive, newark, de, usa19713

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These critical qualities are desirable for hulls, decks, bulkheads, stringers, bunks, covers, hatches and more. Low density options matched with superior mechanical properties make Plascore marine honeycomb core products more desirable than traditional balsa and foam products.

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The Captain’s Haines Hunter 445F project boat is rebuilt with solid glass stringers and Thermo-Lite flooring supplied by CCA Composite Boards. Erick and Wall...

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Lightweight Composite Plastic Honeycomb Panels comparison to plywood for boat repair.

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Stringers are support members bonded into boat hulls, usually oriented parallel to the long axis of a boat hull. They are there for a variety of reasons. They stiffen unsupported flat hull sections, they support cockpit and cabin soles, and they distribute high load concentrations from engines and other mechanical systems.

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The most abuse the boat sees is the hole shot and some tight corners, so I think I can get away with wood stringers for a replacement. I've been searching the net finding out what people use. I see lots of things about PT Plywood, and Exterior Plywood, being cut and lap jointed, screwed together with resin and a layer of fiberglass in between.

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Nomex honeycomb is the most commonly found on yachts, although it is definitely a high-ticket extravagance for owners in search of the last ounce of weight savings. Surprisingly enough, some honeycombs are made of paper.

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Nida-Core Structural Honeycomb Plain – H8PP $ 65.98 - $ 237.98 $ 39.59 - $ 142.79 The Nida-Core honeycombs are cellular structures with an 8 mm mesh made of polypropylene, which are used to form the core of structural sandwich panels.

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A guide to Fiberglass Boat Repair & Maintenance, Gelcoat Blister ... 3 Repairing Stringers and Floors ... Honeycomb core is an open corrugated pattern of paper or other thin material on edge. Honeycomb is often used in prefabricated panels for bulkheads and other interior components.

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Honeycomb is not a suitable material for stringers unless you use twice the amount of glass as normal and then you could use Cardboard since the glass would be of sufficient thickness to carry the load. I seriously doubt that using the pourable composites could ever be cheaper than the normal wood and glass method.

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The bigger the boat, the more weight savings; smaller boat, less weight savings. For the way I build my boats, I'm estimating a 600-700 lbs saving. I'm estimating the extra material cost for me will be about $3,500 more to do all NidaCore vs all plywood. And obviously some more hours of labor for the NidaCore.

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Boat Outfitters does not currently carry Nautical Coosa board; however, please let us know if you are interested as we always adjusting our inventoried material. How does Coosa Board Ship? It depends on the size piece you are ordering. If you order either a full sheet (96" x 48") or a half sheet (48" x 48"), it will have to ship freight. We are ...

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In my experience, 90% of boat owners think they have dry stringers. Also in my experience, 90% of wood stringer boats older than 5 years have elevated moisture in the stringers or cored structures. Instead of living in denial, address the causes to prevent the complications and your boat hull can have a long useful life.

Nida-Core - Structural honeycomb-cored and foam-cored products

Nida-Core Structural Honeycomb is the toughest, most resilient core available. Under stresses beyond its design loads it deforms and stretches; however, it remains intact and, unlike with foams, stress cracks do not travel, but remain localized for easy repair. Nida-Core provides a 100 percent bonding surface compatible with most resin systems.

Fiberglassic Guide to: Transoms, Floors, and Stringers

The transom, floor, and stringers in a boat are, collectively, the most important elements of its construction. Compromising even a single one of the three puts the safety of the vessel and the lives aboard in jeopardy. To ignore or downplay issues with any or all of these components is to willfully tempt fate.

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If he supervises 40 boats per year (and that's a lot) he adds a cost of $1,000 per boat, regardless of the value of the boat. If the wholesale price of the boat is $15k, he's adding 6.6% to the cost at wholesale, and probably 10% at retail.