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Fencing Pistes have an overall competition length of 45.93’ (14 m) and width between 4.92’-6.56’ (1.5-2 m). Fencing en-garde lines are 78.75” (2 m) from the center and warning zones are 78.75” (2 m) from the end of the piste. The total contest area of a Fencing Piste is 21-28 ft² (2-2.6 m²).

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Raised Fencing Pistes maintain the regulated competition length of 45.93’ (14 m) and width between 4.92’-6.56’ (1.5-2 m), but add additional length to accommodate ramps on both sides of the piste. The height of a Raised Fencing Piste is typically 19.69" (50 cm).

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In modern fencing, the piste or strip is the playing area. Regulations require the piste to be 14 metres long and between 1.5 and 2 metres wide. The last two metres on each end are hash-marked to warn a fencer before he/she backs off the end of the strip, after which is a 1.5 to 2 metre runoff.

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What is Fencing piste dimensions. The standard dimension of fencing piste is 1.5 meter width, The length of fencing piste is 16 or 17 meter. but we also produce custom tailored size fencing piste like 1.0 meter,1.2 meter, 1.8 meter or 2 meter width, length is 10 meter, 12 meter, 14 meter, or 18 meter which is upon layout of your fencing club.

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A point is scored by using the tip of the Fencing Foil. Fencing Foils have a length of 43.31” (110 cm) and handguard diameter of 4.73” (12 cm). The mass of a Fencing Foil is 17.63 oz (500 g).

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Dimensions of the fencing piste [click to enlarge] The fencers start out at the centre of the strip. The referee will instruct the fencers to come on guard, ask if they are ready, and then give the command to begin fencing. The referee stops the action with the command “halt”. The following situations stop the action: a touch occurring

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Pistes are not slippery and they are nice and soft to fence on. If your sports hall is not wide enough, it does not matter, you can order the pistes of any length - 16 meters, 14 meters, 12 meters. If you want to place more pistes in the hall for training, you can select a pistes of width of 1.2 meters or even 1 meter wide.

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Players use lacrosse sticks that measure between 40 and 46 inches. Players must wear protective equipment, including a helmet, gloves and shoulder pads. We have installed Fencing Piste Court Painting in many schools in many locations all over the country.

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use in fencing In fencing: Fencing area The piste, or fencing strip, made of metal or another conductive material, is between 1.5 and 2 metres (4.9 and 6.6 feet) wide and 14 metres (46 feet) long, with an extension, or runback, of 1.5 metres at either end. The piste has a centre line,…

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First and foremost, if you want to install a piste or strip for at-home practice, your main limitation is going to be available space. If you are one of the rare people that happen to have an open, flat, continuous space that is roughly 18 meters by 4 meters – then you probably have enough space for an actual fencing strip.

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aluminium fencing piste in segments, dimensions of one segment: 150x100x2cm €3,688.80* cable for cable reel, 20m €28.76* cable reel €311.94* connection cable floor/signalling unit, 2.5m €53.62* ...


Dimensions: 17,2 x 1,6 m Weight: 24 kg ADVANTAGES OF THE ARTOS FENCING PISTE • Transport costs - low • Tape consumption - low • Maintenance - low • Accessories - not required • Storage costs - low . 5 min setup time (previously took 30 minutes). The Artos piste can be simply rolled out and fixed at the ends with fabric band or tape.

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Piste. A fencing bout takes place on a strip, or piste, which, according to the current FIE regulations, should be between 1.5 and 2 meters wide and 14 meters long. Two meters either side of the mid-point, there are two en-garde lines, where the fencers stand at the beginning of the bout.

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Today, the main lengths that are commercially available are the size “5” and size “2”. Some fencing clubs provide size “0” blades for their youth classes. For USA Fencing Youth competitions, there is a shorter maximum blade size for Y10 (Under 10) age group events: 1. The maximum blade length permitted for Youth-10 competitions is 32.5

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Foil fencing reduces it even further, restricting the target area to the trunk only and removing the arms and head from consideration. Playing Area. Fencers compete on a long, narrow strip of material and must remain on the fencing strip at all times. The strip, or piste, must be 46 feet long and measure between 5 and roughly 7 feet wide.

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Court markings and court dimensions ; Fencing; Fencing. Typically fencing is an activity undertaken on a pre-marked fencing piste, but we can mark permanent lines on any multi-sports floor. We have included the following dings for download at the foot of this page:

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Standardised Adult (size 5) blades are 88 cm (34.6457 in) in length. (excluding other components). At the end of the blade, the point is folded over itself to form a "button" which, when viewed end on, must have a square or rectangular section of 4 mm - 6 mm no larger or smaller.

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aluminium fencing piste in segments, dimensions of one segment: 150x100x2cm €3,688.80* assembling jig "LUX" with pin, only for epee point €6.76* base with internal screw thread 25.17/400 (4 pcs.) €10.10* ...