how does fence work with neighbors

Fencing Laws and Your Neighbors: FAQs - Seven Trust The neighbor that built the fence owns it and is solely responsible for its maintenance unless the other neighbor decides to use it. Every state defines "use" differently (see above), but most laws are satisfied when a property owner encloses their property by using an existing fence.

How to Install a Fence Next to a Neighbor's Fence ... Discuss your fence plans with your neighbor. If there’s going to be a gap between your two fences, decide how you’ll deal with weed control or mowing. Decide whether the fence posts will face outwards towards your neighbor’s property or will face your yard.

The Polite House: How to Handle Fences and Neighbors If you are the fence builder, be sure to meet with neighbors to inform them of your intention. If you are the neighbor, it’s OK to ask the fence builder to review plans with you. The idea is to keep the communication open and friendly throughout the process. Even with the fence, you’ll still be neighbors.

Fence Replacement Etiquette | Dealing With Neighbors ... If the existing fence is on the neighbor’s property, you can not remove it without their approval. You can however, build a fence on your property right behind it if your neighbors are not on board with replacing the fence. What are the City & HOA Requirements?

What to Do if a Neighbor Builds a Fence on Your Property ... If your survey offers proof that your neighbor's fence was actually erected on your property, you have every right to ask for that portion of the fence to be moved. Put that request in writing, and...

Fences and Neighbors FAQ | Nolo However, the fence owners may agree to a different arrangement. For example, one neighbor might want to be responsible for repairing the fence, perhaps because she has a dog and is more interested in keeping the fence. Agreements between neighbors about boundary fences are only enforceable between current neighbors.

Neighbor Fence Disputes - Seven Trust The most important rule is to always consult with your neighbor before beginning work, repairs, or attaching anything to the fence. When we say "attach," we are talking lattice, signs, canvas, and more. You should also have an open conversation with your neighbor and, if they agree, get it in writing.

Know Your Rights Relating to Fences and Neighbours ... A property owner can build a fence anywhere on their side of the dividing line between two properties (also called the “property line”). If a property owner wants to put a fence right along the property line, they can do so only if the owner of the adjacent property agrees.

Can we just connect to our neighbor's fence? - Legal ... The problem that you face if you build your fence on your neighbor's yard is that it might become theirs! In other words, you are placing your property (the fence) in his yard, and absent some agreement, you would be considered a gift. He could also take it down without your permission, whenever he wanted.

How Underground Pet Fences Work | HowStuffWorks Underground pet fences will not work in the following situations: An underground fence cannot contain an untrained dog. If you do not have the time to train your pet, or if your pet is totally wild, an underground fence is probably not for you. An underground fence keeps your pet in but will not keep other pets out.

Whose Fence is It Anyway? | PrivacyLink When in doubt, you can always add a fence to your side of the property line. If it turns out that your neighbor owns the fence and is refusing to do anything about it and you need it changed (say you have a dog and there are gaping holes), you can always add another fence on your side of the property. This way it is your fence for sure.

Fence Laws: Why Backyard Fences are Neighbor-to-Neighbor ... A backyard fence that splits the property lines between neighbors is called a boundary fence. Each homeowner shares dual ownership of the allotted portion of the fence that exists on each respective property. This means that your neighbor (s) have the same rights to the shared fence as you do.

What's a Spite Fence and What Can I Do About the One My ... A spite fence does not fall from the clear blue sky. Spite is an emotion, and your neighbor would feel compelled to construct an annoying fence only if he or she was feeling strong emotions towards you. In other words, the fence is the symptom, not the disease.

Good Neighbor Fence Etiquette | Fence Guidelines and Tips Neighbors can comment on your request during the variance hearing. If your neighbors are damaging your fence, take photos and try to work it out with them first. If they don’t agree to repair it, take your fence dispute to small claims court. Award limits vary by state: $1,500 in Kentucky to $15,000 in Tennessee. Related:

Is this my fence or my neighbor's fence? No neighbor wants to be surprised by a random fence going up - especially if he or she doesn’t like how the new fence will look. Related article: How to safely tear down an old fence To avoid a dispute with your neighbor, discuss putting up a fence and be open to their input about what they want it to look like - but only if it will affect ...

How Close Can I Put A Fence to My Property Line? I have a 6 ft privacy fence on the property I bought 2 years ago . The neighbor on the other side had their property surveyed so it moved the property Lin’s about 3 ft past the fence . Neighbors on the side with the fence have been parking their ever on that 3 ft piece and have even had it black topped .

Fence Building Law Basics for Homeowners Sharing Fence Building Expenses With Neighbors . If you intend to build a fence on a property line and wish to pay for the fence, you are not required to seek compensation from your neighbor. At the same time, shouldering the cost of building a fence does not entitle you to special privileges over your neighbor's desires.

How Do You Tell Who Owns a Fence? | Hunker Step 1 Determine ownership by occupancy if the fence lies between or directly on the property line. Whoever uses the land up to the fence is considered the owner. If you have grass and mow the area directly up against the fence but your neighbor allows the weeds to grow on his/her side, then you own the fence by occupancy.

Does My Neighbour Have to Pay for Half the Fence As the saying goes good fences make good neighbors. But what happens when one neighbor does not want to share in the cost of that new fence. As a certified fence builder we get asked all the time what to do with unruly neighbours. Well the answer is that depends. The cost of a fence can range from 2 to 10 thousand dollars.